Dried apricots

Apricot production in Kyrgyzstan on the average per year is more than 60 000 tons, of which over 80% is produced in the Batken region, about 10% in the Issyk-Kul region. Recycling in the form of juices, jams, jams and purees and export of fresh Batken apricot is only about 15% of the produced raw materials, 80% of the product sold in the form of dried fruits (which have medicinal properties).

Batken apricot is known far beyond the borders of Kyrgyzstan. It was here grow many varieties of apricot, dried and processed form of which is exported to the CIS countries and far zaburbezhya. Issyk-Kul apricots are generally sold fresh within the country (in particular, Bishkek) and exported to Russia and Kazakhstan. According to the Center for Agribusiness Competitiveness, our apricot in foreign markets can be more expensive to implement than two times, due to the quality of products, high vitamin content and environmental friendliness of products.

Raisins (dried grapes)

In the past five years, the export of the grape tends to grow when in 2006 were exported 18 thousand tons, in 2007 -. 22 thousand tons, in 2008 -. 41.7 tonnes.