Uzgen rice and Batken rice (Ak Turpak)
Kyrgyzstan is home to unique varieties of rice which are in demand not only in neighboring countries but also among connoisseurs of rice far beyond Central Asia. They are famous not only for its taste but also high in vitamins, they buy because of the unique natural conditions. This environmentally friendly product.The most popular varieties of rice are grown around the ancient city of Uzgen, who served as a trading point and staging post on the Silk Road. They say immigrants from China were brought to the edge of the Figure 2 thousand. Years ago and since then, the water of the rivers Kara-Darya and Iasi are helping to grow the best rice in the world.In addition, Kyrgyzstan is famous for its rice from the area Ak Turpak in the Batken region. “Ak Turpak” means “white clay”, reflecting the features of the local landscape. It is likely and affects the rice grown in these areas, as distinguished from the others by its whiteness and lightness. Local residents are trying to cook from it more “diet” meals.
We work with many suppliers. Our experts manually select the best varieties of rice that we can deliver practically worldwide. In 2014, we exported more than 200 tons of Uzgen rice to Russia, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries.