“Falcon Group” LLC is the exclusive provider of a new generation of fertilizer “Riverm” in Kyrgyzstan, which has no analogues today.

Uniqueness and contrast of “Riverm” from other existing drugs is that, along with trace elements, it is saturated with a large number of microorganisms (nitrogen and fosfobaktery) which are able to fix nitrogen and to carry out soil demineralization increasing the amount of humus.

Gradually we begin to understand that the most valuable in the truest sense of the word, is our health. And it is primarily dependent on the purity of food, the environment, and therefore much more profitable to grow high-grade products to 100 hectares than any 1,000 hectares, the more that every year in many countries tighten their control over the quality of food.

There is a lot of liquid fertilizers and products for plant nutrition, however, almost all of them are synthetic, devoid of live beneficial microflora and products of its life activity such as enzymes and growth substances. But for the production of biologically high-grade production and restoration of soil fertility needs environmentally friendly, cost-effective drug.

It is in this drug is “Riverm”, which has gained immense popularity among the farmers of the CIS and far abroad.

“Riverm” – highly effective to enhance germination, better root formation, plant growth and development, increase productivity and improve the taste of indicators of production, inhibition of bacterial and fungal diseases.

“Riverm” reduces the accumulation of heavy metals, radionuclides, nitrates and nitrites in agricultural products. It is universal for the field, vegetable, fruit, berries, plants and flowers.

“Riverm” solution being essentially biophysical properties, increases the hydrophilicity of protoplasm and increases its water-holding capacity exerting a positive influence on the synthesis of protein, starch, fat and carbohydrates. Increases drought resistance.