Kidney Beans

Kidney beans from Kyrgyzstan are exported  to many countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries of Europe and Asia. The beans are one of the most important products for export. More than 90% of  beans grown in the territory of the Talas region. The beans – a pretty water-loving plants and water resource Talas region allows workers to pour it without any problems 5-7 times over the summer. The favorable climate allows to grow Talas white beans, which has different taste, calories and high in nutrients. Since 2014, we helped hundreds of farmers in Kyrgyzstan to export the best selective beans. More than 500 tons of White kidney beans were exported to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries. We have a manufactory for calibration and sorting of beans, as well as we have established contacts with the best and many farmers in Talas region, who grow the beans that meets the highest standards. They trust us because they know that our company has been working in the international market and appreciate such qualities as honesty, openness and hard-working.